Materials for Your Laser 

Choosing the right materials for your laser is as important as deciding which laser to purchase. As with most things if you put in good quality raw materials you will get high quality finished products.

Our sister business Laser Materials.ie is based in Rathangan, Co. Kildare. Here we stock a large, and growing, range of materials for laser cutting and engraving projects. Laser Materials stocks a various materials for your laser including:

Laser Birch Plywood

Not all plywood is suitable for laser cutting. Laser plywood needs to manufactured using the correct glues otherwise it will be hard to cut and have excessive charring when cut. Laser Materials sources the best laser quality plywood from Finland. This plywood is AB/B quality which means it is the best that can be bought.

MDF for laser cutting

As with plywood there are 'laser safe' MDF sheets and others that are not suitable for laser cutting. Medite MDF is the best you can get for laser cutting and this is what Laser Materials supplies.

Veneered MDF

For some projects you can't beat the look of natural wood, however it can be hard to obtain, hard to work with and expensive. For this reason veneered MDF makes a great alternative. It is beautiful and comes in a variety of natural wood finishes including Oak, Ash, Cherry, Walnut, Mapele, Mahogany and Sapele. It is also verylaser friendly as it comes with a Medite MDF core.


PatternBoard® is a unique product developed by Laser Materials. At its core is a Medite MDF board that has great structural and laser cutting qualities. Laser Materials apples a unique coating to each board with bespoke designs. This opens up a huge range of project options and ideas.

Perspex Acrylic

For projects that require plastic rather than wood then Perspex Acrylic is a proven winner. It cuts nicely on a laser and its quality is well known.

Mylar Stencil Film

If you need to make stencils then Mylar is the material you need for that. It is strong, flexible and easily cut with your laser.

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