About Us

Back in 2015 Matt Eve and Colm Ward founded TechCreate, a Digital Fabrication studio that specialises in Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving, and 3D printing. The studio also has a strong focus on education for children and adults alike.

Thunder Laser shipped directly from the factory in China

Over the years at TechCreate we have run a number of courses teaching people about the process involved with laser cutting. Some of these people then decided that they wanted to get their own laser.

The choices at the time were to go for one of the premium brands such as Trotec or Epilog and we fully endorse these machines, they are good, but they are also expensive. At the other end of the spectrum we saw people running the gauntlet of trying to find a cheap imported laser from China on Ebay or Done Deal. We know how this turned out as we had a lot of people contact us looking for help getting and keeping these machines working!

Colm unpacking a Thunder Laser in Ireland during an installation for a client

For a while we just tried to give these people advice. However there was a nagging voice in our head that there was a demand for a cost effective high quality laser brand.

Fast forward to late 2019 and our journey led us to Thunder Laser. We researched the company and the brand, and joined multiple laser cutting and engraving groups on Facebook. No matter how hard we looked we couldn’t find any negative reviews about Thunder laser. Every customer review was positive and even if any issues were encountered they were quickly rectified.

So we got in touch with the Thunder Laser UK distributor and after some discussions we are delighted to be able to represent Thunder laser in Ireland.

We believe that our experience running lasers in our business every day at TechCreate leaves us well placed to offer training, sales and support on the Thunder Laser machines.

We now import them directly from China and supply them to our customers throughout Ireland. We can supply a robust high quality CO2 laser cutting machine for approximately 60% less than the premium brands.

This saving allows more smaller craft businesses to be able to afford their own laser.

We look forward to growing the Thunder Laser brand in Ireland and being part of the global success of this brand.

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