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Why Choose Thunder Laser Ireland for Laser Cutting & Laser Engraving Machines

CO2 laser cutting machines have been around since they were invented in the mid 1960’s. Initially they were reserved for industrial facilities, however in recent years they have become more available to the general public.

As with most established markets there are a variety of manufacturers and different price points and levels of quality. From the high end brands that typically start in the tens of thousands of euro that are often out of reach of most small business owners. At the other end of the spectrum are the budget ‘kickstarter’ style models that are cheap but which regularly fail and are not reliable enough to start a small business.

Our laser engraving machines and laser cutters come somewhere in the middle of these two categories. They are well built, long lasting but also cost effective to purchase. They are built to the highest standards. Read on to discover more about what makes Thunder Laser Ireland the top choice for your laser cutting and laser engraving needs.

Why Choose Thunder Laser Ireland for Your Laser Cutting & Laser Engraving Needs

Thunder Laser Ireland Cutters Are the Best Value on the Market

Enterprise-grade laser cutting and Laser Engraving machines can cost tens of thousands of Euros. They’re often huge and not very easy to get hold of, but Thunder Laser Ireland machines only include features that SMBs will use. They also feature more options and settings than most companies would be able to use.

Considering our machines are around 65% cheaper than what you could expect to pay anywhere else, you’re getting exceptional value for money. The work our laser cutters do is mostly automated, which means you can create multiple products very quickly. You can also expect an extremely high ROI within weeks or months of purchasing our Thunder Laser Nova and getting started.

Thunder Laser Ireland Cutters Are the Best Value on the Market

Being an industry leader doesn’t mean we’re amongst the most expensive manufacturers or offering something overly sophisticated. At Thunder Laser Ireland, our focus is on simplicity, efficiency, and excellence. Our laser cutting machines are specially designed for small operations that don’t require the unnecessary features an enterprise-grade laser engraving system has. We deliver the best quality engraving solution for your needs at almost 65% lower costs than you’ll find anywhere else. 

First-Rate Customer Care

Every member of our team is just as passionate about the laser cutting process as we are. Thus, seeking help is never stressful. You get the best of both worlds with us, and you also get to save some cost from purchasing a laser manufactured cheaply, with the support from an Irish based sales and support team.

Even after you have bought your laser engraver or laser cutter, we’ll still be available to answer your questions or help you with any support issues you might have. We at Thunder Laser Ireland will also provide you with an entire library of support documents, video tutorials, troubleshooting guides, projects, workflows, material references, and much more.

Our Laser Cutting Machines Are Versatile

You’re guaranteed simplicity as we never sell a laser cutting machine with features that are of no use to you. There’s so much you can do with this impressive piece of equipment. Due to the ability of our CO2 laser cutting machines to cut through a variety of materials in several ways, you can be as much of a generalist as you like. Of course, if you’ve got a niche or specialty you’d prefer to focus on, this impressive tool will never disappoint you.

Some crafty creation ideas for an Etching Machine include:

  • Wood, card or acrylic cutting and etching for High-end business cards
  • Glass Etching for customized glass jars and Personalized glassware
  • Fabric, paper, or metal sheet cutting for Low-cost customized jewelry
  • Felt or leather cutting and engraving for Cute pillows
  • High-Quality Acrylic laser cutting for Laptop and computer stands
  • High-Quality Wood laser cutting for Children’s collectibles, toys, and puzzles
  • Metal, wood, or acrylic engraving and cutting for Key chains

Combined Experience

Our team has a combined experience that amounts to years within the laser cutting and engraving side of operations. We also possess highly knowledgeable and experienced customer service representatives. Our team uses lasers daily in our digital fabrication studio. 

We have also done a considerable amount of laser projects using lots of different materials. We can share our experience with you to help you get up and running quickly and smoothly. With every aspect of our business housed here in Ireland, you can rest assured that every part of the process is tailored to give you the best experience.

Fast & Precise Laser Engraving and Cutting

Of course, the main reason behind Thunder Laser Ireland being the top choice for your laser cutting needs is that it’s fast and does a precise and exceptional job. You can use them to cut or engrave intricate and beautiful designs, slogans, signatures, or brand logos.

One of the smartest uses for a laser engraving machine is to personalize clothing or any other items for your merchandise. There’s a growing trend for customization as well. People now want to express their personality through quotes & messages on the clothes they wear and the products they buy.

Create Amazing Merchandise

Whether you’re looking to start a business specializing in merchandise or looking for a cost-effective way to create bespoke merchandise for your brand, a laser cutting machine is a solution. It’s easy to create and upload files, your logo, or the logo or design given to you by a client to the laser cutter. Once the laser has been programmed, you can sit back and relax; it’ll do all the hard work for you.

Create Consistent and Professional Products

Another advantage Thunder Laser Ireland machines have over other manufacturers or engraving by hand is ‘consistency.’ The downside of doing anything by hand is that speed tends to compromise quality. But our laser cutters never compromise quality, and they go at lightning speeds. When you etch glass or cut material such as acrylic using a CO2 laser engraver cutter, the finish is perfectly professional.

You Can Easily Configure One Machine to Perform Different Jobs

Some people like to focus on a niche and specialize in one specific type of product, but Thunder Laser Ireland machines are highly adaptable. If you want to create a wide variety of goods using different materials and laser techniques, you can easily program or configure one machine to perform a multitude of tasks. It means you can make key chains, T-shirts, and glassware with your logo and a customized personal message, all using just one laser cutting machine.


Engrave a Wide Variety of Materials

One of the reasons CO2 laser engraving is so good is that they work with a broad range of materials. Although you can’t use coated carbon fiber, HDPE, fiberglass, PVC, or thick polycarbonate, you can use any other type of material.

You Can Mark Metal Using Our Laser Cutters

You can’t cut metal using one of the machines from Thunder Laser Ireland, but you can mark it. It means you can create bespoke premium items using metals such as aluminum or magnetic sheets. As long as the metal is anodized or coated with a special substance, you can easily mark any type of metal using a laser cutter.

You can’t go wrong with “Thunder Laser Ireland” – We are the best suppliers of Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving machines at budget prices in the Irish Market

Worrying about Laser Engraving Machine Prices? You won’t find Laser Engraving Machines of this quality at a lower price anywhere in the world. Our laser models come with an air compressor for air assist, exhaust fan, water chiller, toolbox, and Lightburn software. If you’re searching for a Laser Engraving Machine for Sale Ireland, or Laser Cutting Machine for Sale Ireland, Thunder Laser Ireland has the range for you.

Start your cutting, etching, or engraving business to escape the daily grind, earn some extra revenue in this tough time and take control over your future. Visit Thunder Laser Ireland, or please contact us today at 045 834224 to learn more about our state-of-the-art Laser Cutting Machines or Laser Engraving Machines. 

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