How Much Do Laser Cutting Machines Cost? 

Laser cutting machines provide your business with a quick and effective way to cut, etch & engrave items.

Cutting and Engraving projects with laser machines, especially Thunder Laser NOVA machines, are way more precise and efficiently cleaner than most other cutting techniques.

They require less deburring or finishing after the cuts. It depends on the materials you cut, but laser cutting is incredibly effective for making accurate and precise cuts. 

Prices or costs of laser cutting machines fluctuate greatly depending on the design, type, and ability of the laser. 

If you plan to cut hardwoods, or thicker materials, you’ll need a higher watt laser than if you wish to cut thinner materials, like cloth or card. 

Generally speaking, the higher the laser’s wattage is, the higher the cost. It’s your choice, so it depends on you how you want to balance price and practicality. Assessing your commanding computer’s hardware and the software will make your cutting machine function quicker. 

Entry-level laser cutting components generally contain very weak lasers. They’re only suitable for light cutting or engraving. Using an under powered laser to cut a thick or hard material can ruin the surface.

No, this may increase the costs because it may require expensive material replacement. Many providers of laser cutting machines out there sell versions in a variety of sizes. Cutting larger objects will be more expensive this way as you’ll need a larger machine, which can be costly.

Buying a laser cutter with a high wattage will be cost-effective for prolific cutters. If you don’t know what you plan to cut out, or you wish to cut a whole host of materials, a laser with high wattage is best. These lasers are strong enough to cut and engrave almost anything, providing you the flexibility you need.

How much money do you need to spend on a high-watt Laser Machine?

Laser Cutters with high wattage are usually a lot more expensive than entry-level units. You can pay anywhere from €3500-€40,000+ for some laser cutter models.

Our staff at Thunder Laser Ireland can help you find a price point that caters to exactly what you need. Prices vary widely for each model of Thunder Laser cutting machines, but with high ROI (Return on Investment), you will never lose any money.

As a matter of fact, you’ll earn loads of profit with Thunder Laser Machines. Things you should consider when estimating the cost of a particular model are wattage, the type of laser, work-surface size, and any other additional features you need. Generally, the bigger the wattage and work-surface is, the higher the cost.

Cutting & Laser Engraving Machines Prices at Thunder Laser Ireland

Our laser models come with an air compressor, exhaust fan, water chiller, toolbox, and Lightburn software. At Thunder Laser Ireland, all our machines are robust and reliable, and they all have top-notch cutting and laser engraving capabilities.

Thunder Laser Mini 60
Price: €5995 (Inc. VAT)
The desktop Mini 60, a 40-Watt laser engraver, is a brilliant tool for basic makers to start. Laser Engraving and cutting is just the beginning. Combine to create a multitude of designs and products.

Thunder Laser - Nova 24
Price: 40W €8550 (Inc. VAT)
Price: 60W €8800 (Inc. VAT)
The Nova 24 laser engraver is an outstanding tool for amateur makers to start cutting and engraving a wide variety of projects. It features a 40 Watt or 60 Watt tube and has the same components, design, and build quality as the Nova series machines.

Thunder Laser - Nova 35
Price: 80W €10,250 (Inc. VAT)
Price: 100W €11,150 (Inc. VAT)
The NOVA 35 laser by Thunder Laser Ireland comes with both 80W or 100W tube and carries the very best functions like a Hybrid servo motor and excellent engraving quality with high resolution.

Thunder Laser - Nova 51
Price: 100W €13,500 (Inc. VAT)
Price: 130W €14,200 (Inc. VAT)
The NOVA 51 laser cutter possesses the very best functions like a Hybrid servo motor along with excellent engraving quality with high resolution. Users can also choose RF tubes to reach an even higher cutting and engraving quality.

Thunder Laser - Nova 63
Price: 100W €15,400 (Inc. VAT)
Price: 130W €15,950 (Inc. VAT)
The NOVA 63 by Thunder Laser Ireland comes with either a 100W or 130W tube or carries all the best functions like a Hybrid servo motor and excellent engraving quality with high resolution. Users can also choose an RF laser tube to reach an even higher cutting and engraving quality.

Call us for estimates

Contact us to discuss additional add-ons for your laser machine model to get an itemized price estimate. Add-ons can cost around €1700 to €4230, though it varies and depends upon the attachments.

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