Thunder Laser Mini 60

If you are looking for an entry level laser that combines quality at an affordable price then the Mini 60 is the perfect choice. Suitable for basic makers to start - Cutting, marking & engraving is just the beginning.

Price €6990 inc VAT

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User Friendly

The intuitive & simple controls coupled with our quick start training make this a great choice for anyone choosing a laser for the first time.

Supportive after-sales service!

Speed & Accuracy

All laser jobs are completed with speed and accuracy. Edges are smooth, lines are sharp and results are uniform.

Laser tube is 40W and laser operates at speeds of 600mm/s.

Compact Sizing

Sleek and compact without compromising on quality. This laser can be used in a commercial setting or in a home workshop.

Work area 600mm x 400mm. The footprint of this laser is 1100mm x 830mm.

Economic Pricing

Priced at €6990 including VAT this represents a very cost effective business opportunity.

If financing a €7000 loan at a typical 8.5% APR will cost you just €7.23 per day over 3 years.

  • What's Included

  • Specs

  • Details

  • Water Chiller
  • Air Assist
  • Exhaust
  • 2" Head
  • Tool Kit
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Honeycomb / Knife Bed
  • Pass-through Doors
  • Alarm Lamp
  • Smart Board
  • Red Dot Pointer
  • Auto Focus

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